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Hi There! – I’m Stacy Thompson 

I coach parents of challenged/challenging kids to love, live and parent imperfectly, joyfully doing your best.

If your kid/s are disabled, have special needs, are behaviorally challenged, or are really stressing you out, I will understand what you are going through because I’ve been through similar stuff with my family.  

I’ll help you to become an awesome partner, deal with the extra stress/emotions, build strong support systems and create a life you love.

If you are exhausted, stressed, unhappy and not taking care of yourself, how can you be the best version of yourself?  Get the love and support you need to be awesome.

There is a balance between giving and receiving, loving and being loved, caring for others and being cared for.  My job is to help you create that balance so you live your best life – where everyone in your family gets their needs met, are happy and have the chance to chase their dreams.



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What makes or breaks a marriage?

What makes or breaks a marriage?

 I just celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary.  My parents celebrated their 57th last week.  Our marriages are very different and yet both are happy.  It got me thinking about what it actually takes to make a marriage work. My husband and I are very similar.  We...

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